Free entry to the Cabildo with the New Orleans Pass

The Cabildo

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Free entry to the Cabildo with the New Orleans Pass
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The Cabildo is one of the most impressive landmarks in Jackson Square. An elegant Spanish colonial building, it was built under the Spanish rule in 1795-1799. It used to be the headquarters of the Louisiana State Supreme Court until 1853, when later it became part of the Louisiana State Museum in 1908.

Cabildo now is the home of many important artefacts of American history, including one of Napoleon’s death masks, Jordan Noble’s drum, and a self-portrait by Julien Hudson, one of the influential artists and musicians in antebellum New Orleans.

Things to see: 

- Napoleon’s death mask

- Self- portrait of Julien Hudson

- Jordan Noble’s drum

Fun Facts:

• The Cabildo was the site of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase transfer

• In 1988 the building suffered a huge fire and it took five years for it to be restored with the old French timber framing techniques

• The original Cabildo was destroyed in the Great Fire of New Orleans in 1788, 200 years earlier, and was rebuilt under Spanish government


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