Free entry to San Francisco Plantation House

San Francisco Plantation House

New Orleans Pass Benefits:

Free entry to San Francisco Plantation House
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: $17.00; Child: $10.00

San Francisco Plantation House is one of the most popular historical attractions in New Orleans and Louisiana. Built in 1854 by a wealthy plantation owner, it now welcomes over 100,000 people a year who flock to see this stunning landmark in the history of the sugar trade and creole culture.

Plantation House is nothing like you’ve ever seen before with bright coloured décor, hand-painted ceilings and faux-marble effect – it might be antebellum, but it’s certainly unique! Tour the house and see the period décor and imagine how the plantation owners once lived in the house. 

Things to see: 

- 14 rooms decorated and restored with period furniture

- 1840s slave cabin

- 1830s schoolhouse

- Antebellum architecture

Fun Facts:

• San Francisco Plantation House inspired novelist Frances Parkinson Keyes to write the novel “Steamboat Gothic,” a story about a family she imagined living there.

• There’s legend behind the San Francisco name, some say it’s a mistranslation of the French phrase "son saint-frusquin," or "the shirt off his back," – referring to the initial cost Edmond Marmillion paid. 

Please note: advance reservations are recommended.

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