Free entry to The National WWII Museum

The National WWII Museum

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Free entry to the National WWII Museum
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: $29.25; Child: $18.80

Travel back in time and discover the American experience and involvement in “The War That Changed The World” at The National WWII Museum. The 6-acre museum is the official institution of World War II and aims to honor the courage and sacrifice of the brave American soldiers that fought between 1941 and 1945.

Through interactive exhibits and displays, the museum works to tell the story of the price of freedom in a way that each generation of the American people can understand. Learn how the war was won, what sparked the beginning of a world war and what life in America was like during this time.The National WWII Museum features five permanent exhibit halls: The Arsenal of Democracy, Road To Tokyo, Road To Berlin, The D-Day Invasion of Normandy, and the US Merchant Marine Gallery.

The National WWII Museum features five permanent exhibit halls: The Arsenal of Democracy, Road To Tokyo, Road To Berlin, The D-Day Invasion of Normandy, and the US Merchant Marine Gallery. Each display tells a small part of the war’s story in an intimate and easy-to-understand way. After a day at the museum, you’ll be able to piece together whole picture for yourself and have a better understanding of the political and cultural climate during this time.

The museum also features a series of rotating special exhibits that often showcase particularly famous figures from the time period. Currently on display is So Ready For Laughter: The Legacy of Bob Hope, a multimedia display that details the ways in which Bob Hopes’ enigmatic personality helped to inspire hope in the human spirit during an otherwise dark time.

You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy your time at The National WWII Museum. With immersive exhibits, poignant first-person histories and documents, and a seemingly-infinite collection of artifacts, the museum’s message will touch every visitor.

The story of World War II transcends time and is an integral part of our country’s history. Visiting the museum is one of the most enjoyable ways to understand all of the components that ignited “The War That Changed The World”.

What your National WWII Museum ticket includes:

Your National WWII Museum’s ticket includes one-day general admission entrance to the museum. Excludes Beyond All Boundaries and Final Mission attractions.
You will have access to all five of the campus’ buildings and can peruse special and permanent exhibits at your own pace.

Exhibition highlights:

  • The Arsenal of Democracy: as newest permanent exhibit at the museum, the Arsenal of Democracy plays an important role in the museum’s story-telling. Through the multimedia displays and first-hand accounts, this exhibit aims to humanize the soldiers and allow visitors to relate and connect with the people of the 1940s.
  • Road to Tokyo: this display examines the cultural differences, logistics and challenges of the American war against Japanese forces during World War II. The artifacts and short films showcased at this exhibit tell the stories of American GIs in a foreign land who forged a road to Tokyo. Follow the fight against the Pacific people from start to finish.
  • Road to Berlin: follow the war through the countries of Europe. Listen to personal stories that paint a picture of bloody struggles in Germany, the campaigns against Axis powers and more. The galleries highlight battles in Italy, North Africa, Germany, and the Mediterranean.
  • The D-Day Invasion of Normandy: this is the oldest exhibit at the museum and tells the riveting story of D-Day from beginning to end. Learn about the planning by the Allied forces beforehand. See artifacts and belongings of D-Day soldiers from that fateful day in 1944.
  • US Merchant Marine Gallery: peruse the profiles of merchant mariners who risked their lives transporting weapons, troops and supplies during World War.

Tips for visiting:

  • With a 6-acre campus and five pavilions, it’ll be easy to spend the whole day here. Make sure to allow for at least 2-3 hours when visiting.
  • Check the museum’s schedule before visiting and make note of any special events or shows you’d like to catch

Fun facts:

  • WWII was the largest and most expensive war ever and so was the aftermath as most cities had lost major industry and been turned to rubble by aggressive bombings 
  • The Higgins boats, or Landing Craft Vehicles, were amphibious boats that made the landing on the shores of Normandy possible at D-Day. These boats were made in New Orleans by shipbuilder Andrew Higgings.
  • There were 291,557 American casualties in total after the war finished

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