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Haunted History Walking Tour

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Free Haunted History Walking Tour 
Normal Ticket Price: Adult: $26.00; Child: $15.00

Dare to discover the haunting truth of New Orleans’ storied history on a Haunted History Walking tour. Choose between the French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour or the Cities of the Dead Cemetery Tour. Both will be equally freaky and gruesome.

If you choose to learn more about the ghosts of the French Quarter on the French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour, you’re in for a few frightening tales. Your expert guide will help you escape to the past with stories of the ghastly criminals who still haunt this famous area.

The guide will take you to the site of document ghost sightings and share police records and city archives that tell the story of New Orleans’ haunted souls.

If you opt for the Cities of the Dead Cemetery Tour, put on a brave face and get ready for the spooky tale of the St. Louis Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Louisiana. Your guide will take you on a tour through the compound, where you’ll see the graves of famous NOLA figures. Most notably, you’ll see the grave of Marie Laveau, often dubbed the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

This historical tour will also teach you about the burial process, will help you evaluate and understand tomb architecture and take you back in time to when wealth was measured by how big your tomb was.

No matter which tour you choose, you’ll find the history of New Orleans to be intriguingly haunted and spooky. And don’t forget – keep your eyes peeled for any paranormal activity as you go.

What your Haunted History Walking Tour ticket includes:

Your Haunted History Walking Tour ticket includes a reserved spot on your choice of the French Quarter Ghost & Legends Tour or the Cities of the Dead Cemetery Tour.

Each tour last two hours and will take you past notable historical landmarks and icons. At the French Quarter, you’ll learn about the haunted figures who still lurk in the famous area. At St. Louis Cemetery, you’ll visit the grave of famous New Orleans Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau.

Exhibition highlights:

  • Explore the French Quarter and discover the grim and ghastly deeds of the ghosts who still haunt this bustling hub
  • Tour Louisiana’s oldest cemetery, visit the famous grave of Marie Laveau and learn about the burial process

Tips for visiting:

  • Make sure to reserve at least 2 hours for this tour
  • Pre-booking is required to save your spot on a Haunted History tour

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